Blade RGB

Super Fast

Experience unrivaled performance with XOC DDR4 Memory Modules, boasting a lightning-fast CL16 latency and an impressive 3600 MHz clock speed. These modules redefine the boundaries of speed and efficiency, ensuring seamless multitasking and accelerated data access. Elevate your computing experience to new heights as XOC DDR4 Memory Modules deliver unparalleled speed, meeting the demands of modern applications and providing a superior solution for enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Blade RGB

Slick and Stuning Design

Experience the epitome of high performance and visual brilliance with XOC RGB DRAM. Our memory modules not only deliver top-tier computing capabilities but also bring a dazzling spectacle to your setup. XOC RGB DRAM combines cutting-edge technology with customizable RGB lighting, allowing you to transform your system into a dynamic showcase of colors. Immerse yourself in the synchronized illumination that responds to your gaming and computing activities, creating a personalized and visually captivating environment. Beneath the vibrant RGB lights, XOC RGB DRAM maintains the same level of reliability and performance excellence that defines the XOC brand.

Blade RGB
Blade RGB

Seamless Integration

XOC DDR4 Memory Modules ensure broad compatibility across various systems, making them the ideal choice for a diverse range of setups. Whether you’re upgrading a gaming rig or enhancing a professional workstation, these modules seamlessly integrate, delivering superior performance across the board. With XOC’s commitment to compatibility, you can trust that your system will benefit from the exceptional speed and reliability of these DDR3 Memory Modules, regardless of your computing needs.

Blade Series DDR4

Single Click Overclocking

Effortlessly overclock your XOC DDR memory modules via XMP (eXtreme Memory Profile) and EXPO (Extreme Performance). Unlock the full potential of your RAM by easily adjusting settings for optimal performance and reliability. Whether you’re a gamer seeking speed or a professional handling demanding tasks, the XOC DDR RAM module provides the flexibility and performance you need for a superior computing experience.

Blade Series DDR4


Model Name

XOC Blade RGB DDR Memory Module


DDR4 Heatsink U-DIMM​

Memory Color


Heat Spreader

Anodized Aluminum


CL 16


8GB x 1

16GB x 1

32GB x 1


2666 MHz
3000 MHz
3200 MHz
3600 MHz

2666 MHz
3000 MHz
3200 MHz
3600 MHz

2666 MHz
3000 MHz
3200 MHz
3600 MHz

LED Lighting RGB


Working Temperature

0 °C - 85 °C(32 °F - 185 °F)

Working Voltages

1.2 V / 1.35 V


Limited Lifetime Warranty




XOC Blade RGB Series

DDR4 Memory

- Upto 3,600 MT/s speeds
- Aliminium Heat Sink
- Low latency CL 16
- Built for heavy Gaming
- 8 GB to 64 GB variants available
- Premium ARGB Lights
- Limited Lifetime Warranty


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