Power Output and Efficiency

Experience the difference with XOC PSUs, boasting the prestigious 80+ Gold certification. This translates to superior efficiency, meaning less energy wasted as heat and more power delivered to your system, fueling epic gaming sessions. Not only do XOC PSUs keep your rig running smoothly, but they also save you money on your electricity bills. Additionally, with their sleek designs and silent operation, XOC PSUs seamlessly integrate into your setup, enhancing aesthetics and minimizing distractions, letting you focus on the game, not the hardware. Upgrade your power and elevate your gameplay with XOC PSUs.

Supreme Quality

XOC: Powering Your Passion with Unmatched Performance and Reliability
XOC doesn’t settle for mediocrity. We equip our PSUs with premium Japanese capacitors, known for their exceptional stability and extended lifespans. This translates to unwavering power delivery and reliable operation, even during the most demanding gaming sessions. But our commitment to excellence goes beyond the internal components. Uncompromising build quality is paramount at XOC, with meticulous manufacturing processes and rigorous testing ensuring exceptional durability and reliability in every product. Experience the difference with XOC – superior performance, unmatched reliability, and peace of mind for your most epic gaming adventures.

Titan Series

Connectivity and Protection

XOC prioritizes uninterrupted gameplay by integrating a comprehensive suite of safeguards into our PSUs. OCP, OTP, and OVP shield your system from harmful current surges, overheating, and voltage spikes. UVP prevents underpowered situations, and SCP automatically disconnects in case of a short circuit. These, coupled with our premium build quality and Japanese capacitors, create a fortress of protection, letting you conquer virtual worlds with confidence, knowing XOC has your back

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